Crafty Kids

Keep the kids busy!

Imagine the excitement when the postman delivers a package to the door, personalised with your child's name on. Picture the smile spread across their face as they eagerly open their very own parcel.

With this 3 month Crafty Kids subscription, kids receive a fun-filled art and crafts box full of hands-on, educational activities to build and create every month, delivered straight to their door.

Each craft box contains 2 exciting activities, packed with high quality, child-safe materials, as well as illustrated easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and complete with collectable stickers and a book. Each box has a specially designed theme - one month might be 'Pirate Treasure Chest' and the next 'Castle and Finger Puppets'.

Boxes are carefully curated to help children develop core-skills such as concentration, hand-eye co-ordination, problem solving and numeracy. Every box is developed and specially tested by a team of experts to make learning fun and rewarding and is tailored to suit each child’s development stage.

Children will look forward to opening their monthly treasure trove and the endless fun which comes with it. So, unbox your little one’s imagination today with this fantastic gift.

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Please Note – It is essential that you complete a separate booking for each gift certificate. This will ensure that each gift recipient receives an individual voucher. This also applies if booking 2 different experiences for the same gift recipient.

Crafty Kids - Key Info

Voucher Validation

  • Your voucher is valid until 01 Jul 20
  • You must validate, book and use your voucher within the voucher expiry date.
  • This subscription is valid for three months.
Group Size:
  • This subscription is for one person.
Weather Dependent: No

  • This subscription is designed for children between 3-8 years old.
  • Availability:
    • You will receive one box per month for 3 months.

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