Full Day Spy HQ

Become a secret agent for the day with five action-packed spy training missions

Immerse yourself into the world of spies and espionage with this Spy HQ experience! Engage in a series of thrilling master classes in which you will be shown what it takes to become a top secret agent.

The day is split into five missions which are as follows:

Cross Bow Shooting - Master the powerful crossbow, a stealth weapon often used by spies to silently take out the enemy!

Sniper Lane - get immersed in the murky world of the sniper. You will be taught the marksmanship principles of the sniper alongside camouflage and concealment methods that will help you stay hidden but alive!

Unarmed Combat - you will be trained in hand to hand combat for when bullets and bombs run out! Learn specialist techniques that will incorporate blocks, knife work and take down techniques. All of these skills will be taught by a knowledgeable instructor with real life experiences.

Blindfold Land Rover Driving - pop on a blindfold and let your navigator direct you, as you drive a Land Rover around a series of gates!

Blank Firing Pistol Techniques - pull off the shots like you’ve seen in the movies! You will be taught by experienced instructors on how to carry out all the procedures in order to shoot the lank firing pistol. You will learn the various firing positions as well as magazines changes and stoppage drills.

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Full Day Spy HQ - Key Info

Voucher Validation

  • Your voucher is valid until 01 Jul 20
  • You must validate, book and use your voucher within the voucher expiry date.
  • Your experience will last approximately 5 hours.
Group Size:
  • There will be a maximum of 59 others with you on the day.
Weather Dependent: No

  • You are welcome to bring along family and friends to watch.
Restrictions and Considerations:
  • General fitness is required. If you have any medical conditions or take medication please advise the centre when you arrive.
  • You must be aged between 18 and 70 years old to take part.
  • This experience is available on Saturday and Sunday, April to November, subject to availabilty. You must take your experience before the expiry date.

Full Day Spy HQ - Locations

Spy Games Ltd - Buckinghamshire - Milton Keynes


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