KidZania London

Have your kids ever dreamt of becoming a Fire Fighter, a Surgeon or the next Acting Sensation?

KidZania is the UK’s first educational entertainment experience where children aged four to fourteen can learn real-life skills in a 75,000sq ft. child-size city built just for them.

From the Aviation Academy to the Radio Station, Police Station or Hospital, the city streets are lined with real-life establishments. Watch the excitement on their faces as kids explore over 60 unique and exciting professions through real-life role play adventures in a fun and safe environment. 

Having welcomed over 38 million visitors worldwide, KidZania is a global phenomenon and one of the world’s fastest growing educational entertainment brands with 16 locations across five continents.

Where else could your child be a Pilot?

WWE Academy (Open Now!)

The first-ever WWE Academy has been officially opened by WWE Stars, Finn Bálor and Sasha Banks. Kids will be given the chance to transform into their favourite WWE Superstar in this fully branded experiential space.

Promoting creative thinking and imagination with the help of a KidZania referee, kids can choose from a range of WWE props, practice their own catchphrases and create a promo video.

Adults can join in the fun too on ‘Family Sundays’

Due to popular demand KidZania is now opening selected activities up to grown-ups every Sunday, allowing families to enjoy the fun all together. Adults can choose from becoming a referee in the stadium to helping create an exciting broadcast in the TV studio plus many more!

Get Ready for a Better World ®

Top Tips:

  1. Head to Aviation Academy, Fire & Rescue Unit and the Chocolate Factory first, these roles are the busiest and most popular so don’t miss out!
  2. Food is not included in the entrance fee for a child or an adult ticket. Customers can purchase food at several locations within KidZania. However one of the activities in KidZania allows kids to become a Gourmet Burger chef where they can make and eat their own burger.

Important information: Children aged 0-7 inclusive can only enter KidZania if accompanied by an adult (18+) at all times. Adults (18+) may leave children aged 8-14 inclusive unaccompanied at KidZania and therefore do not require to purchase an adult ticket. However an adult must be present at time of check-in and provide suitable contact details. Children will be supplied with a security bracelet to ensure that no one can leave unnoticed, allowing parents and carers to let their children explore KidZania safely and independently. Infants under 1 years of age are FREE.

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Please Note: Last entry times may change at short notice due to events or other factors. Once you have booked, you are required to call KidZania London immediately via the number on your voucher to secure your entry time. Failure to do so will result in being turned away from the attraction on the day

Important: KidZania will close earlier on certain days throughout the year for various reasons such as private events. Please ensure you book your time slot as soon as possible once in receipt of your voucher to avoid disappointment.

KidZania London usually charges a booking fee of £1.50 per person which is included in our price!

Walk Up Pricing:

  • Adult: £19.50
  • Child: £39.50 (4-14 years)
  • Early Years: £10 (1-3 years)
  • Infants: FREE

For a full list of activities please click here

Acting Academy

Actor, Puppeteer and Magician

At the Acting Academy you will have the opportunity to become an actor, a puppeteer or a magician! Take part in a play, work the puppets or learn magic tricks! You will be able to rehearse and perform for friends and family in the theatre.

Advertising Agency

Visitors will learn how to create a print advert. Children will get familiar with the different roles within advertising and the relationship with a client.

Air Conditioning


Train to become a professional air-conditioning engineer and help keep the City at an ideal temperature for the KidZanians. Find out how air-conditioning works and then take to the pipes to repair a faulty unit.

Animation Studio

Stop Motion Animator

Bring your favourite Pokémon characters to life as a Stop Motion Animator in the Animation Studio where you can create your very own Pokémon movies.

Aviation Academy

Cabin Crew and Pilot

You can fly the skies with pilot training at the Aviation Academy, learning the crucial elements of navigating a real plane. You can also be part of the cabin crew for the flight and learn those famous safety instructions.

BankCustomer and Cashier

You have to earn your keep at KidZania! This means taking care of your own money. At the Central Bank of KidZania, you will be able to deposit any kidZos you have earned and open your very own bank account.

Beauty Salon

Hair Stylist and Customer

Learn to use your creative side whilst exploring roles in the hair and beauty industry. You can train as a hair stylist and learn the different techniques. Or spend your kidZos and have a luxury treatment instead!

Burger Shop

At the Burger Shop kids assemble their own hamburger with their own special sauce, which they can then take outside and eat.

Chocolate FactoryChocolatier

Work as a chocolatier in the Chocolate Factory! Learn about the history of chocolate, the origin of ingredients and even make real chocolate.

City Clock

Hand Bell Ringer

Learn the history of timekeeping and some basics of time zones. Your group will learn a hand bell ringing sequence, rehearse and then perform in the square

City Tour Bus

Tourist and Tour Guide

Be a tour guide and tell the KidZania story whilst travelling on the bus throughout the City, or relax and soak up the fun information as a tourist!

Climbing Building


See KidZania from a unique perspective by climbing the city's tallest buildings!

Dance Club

Dancer and Singer

Feel the rhythm of the beat as you take part in the dance activity and then show off your singing skills in the karaoke competition.


Dental Assistant

Become a dentist at KidZania and grasp all the basics of brushing, flossing and general dental care. Take part in a real dental procedure as you fill cavities on our life-like model!

Department Store

Customer and Stock Manager

You can choose to spend your money or work in KidZania's Department Store. Use your new found skills to sell products to others and earn KidZos at the same time.

Employment Office

Job Candidate

Learn about your strengths and interests while you pursue your first job. Complete an orientation test then get ready to apply for jobs in the big city.

Engineering Centre and Pit Lane Experience

Mechanical Engineer and Pit Lane Crew

Join one of the world's premier motor racing teams. Learn about the development of zero emissions technology and how to work together to change tyres in the pit lane, where a hundredth of a second could be the difference between winning and losing!

Estate Agency

Estate Agent

Learn how to help customers who want to sell their homes in the City of KidZania. Work in teams of two to go out into the City to gather the information needed to sell a house.

Face Painting Studio


Kids can have their faces painted using the KidZos they have earned during their experience.

Fashion Recycling Factory

Recycling Operative

Reuse, repurpose and recycle! Learn about the life cycle of cotton and take part in the process of textile recycling!

Fashion Studio

Fashion Stylist and Model

You will learn about the fundamentals of fashion, trends and self-expression through style. Grab the opportunity to be a fashion stylist and then take part in the fashion show or photo shoot.

Fire & Rescue Unit

Fire Fighter and Fire Inspector

Recognising the importance and practices of fire prevention and rescue is what this activity is all about. The alarm bells ring! You board the fire engine and rush to the Flamingo Hotel as it bursts into flames.

Fruit and Nut Bar Makery

Bar Maker

Learn about the origins of ingredients and the importance of wholesome food while helping to make a delicious cereal bar.

Games Room


There's always time for fun, games and relaxation in KidZania. In the Games Room you will have the opportunity to spend your KidZos to play games, such as bowling, air hockey and foosball.

Hospital and A&E

Surgery Team, Paramedic Team and Maternity Nurse

There is always plenty of action here! From nurses tending to newly born babies, to paramedics rushing to the scene of an accident and surgeons performing lifesaving operations; you will get a real taste of what it's like in the Hospital.


Guest, Housekeeper and Receptionist

As an employee or guest of the biggest hotel in KidZania, you will explore aspects of front desk operations and housekeeping. You can even take part in the bed making challenge!

Ice Cream Factory

Ice Cream Technician

At the Ice Cream Factory kids learn about the ingredients that go into ice cream, how they are blended and even taste a sample of mini milk.



An area for the under four year olds! Play games, solve puzzles and play a variety of musical instruments.

Medical Courier Service


You could save a life, both at KidZania and also afterwards in the real world when you visit the Medical Courier Service.

Metro Newspaper


Read all about it! Hired as newspaper reporters, you are given the opportunity to scoop up the city's biggest stories and have them featured on the front page of the paper for everyone to see!

Music Academy


The Music Academy offers kids a unique opportunity to learn about rhythms and how to play the drums.

Painting School


Get those paint brushes out! Learn about art through studio activities such as mural, portrait and stained glass painting.

Police Department

Forensic Investigator and Police Officer

Become a police officer and go out on patrol to maintain the safety and order for all KidZanians. Protect residents, respond to anonymous tips, follow mysterious clues, interview witnesses and crack the case!

Power Company

Maintenance Technician

To keep everything running smoothly, in the Power Station you will learn about energy sources, generation and safety, then learn to fix a fuse and restore power to KidZania!

Radio Station

Control Technician, Radio DJ and Producer

You will broadcast from Capital's Radio Station to the city of KidZania. You will learn to use professional studio equipment and run your very own radio show as the presenter!

Recycling Centre

Recycling Specialist

Do you know how to recycle paper? Here you will learn the importance of recycling and even make a piece of paper from scratch!

RightZKeeper's Residence


This is the place where kids under four can play and have fun. Dress-up in different outfits from the fancy dress box and get cosy in the living room watching a puppet show! There is also an inflatable bedroom and water trampoline in the bathroom.

Science Lab

Lab Technician

Combine different chemicals to make different bubbly, fun and fizzy products whilst learning the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.

Shopping Alley


Spend your hard earned kidZos in the KidZania Shopping Alley, buy arts and crafts, jewellery, souvenirs and novelties.

Smoothie Kitchen


Through producing delicious smoothies, you will come across different types of fruit, identify where it comes from and make your very own smoothies. All ready to take home and share with the family!


Commentator, Athlete and Dancer

You can be a sports hero in KidZania's very own Stadium! KidZania commentators bring the games to life as they share their knowledge with the spectators whilst athletes are involved in sports from football to tag rugby as well as golf!

Supermarket Cashier and Customer

"Can a member of staff please report to aisle one!" Serve customers at the till and request assistance through the tannoy system, while customers can estimate their total bill and deciding to spend or save. Be involved in the shopping challenge too!

The Vault

Vault Guard Apprentice

As a guard you will identify counterfeit notes and can go out on a route delivering and collecting de-activated KidZos.



Friends and family take your seats as performers from the Acting Academy put on a fantastic show for you to enjoy.

TV Studio

TV Presenter

In our TV Studio kids take on jobs including producing, writing and anchoring a news broadcast for the city. Kids will learn how to use authentic microphones, Teleprompters and video cameras as they develop their communication skills.


Bachelor Degree Student

Earn more KidZos to spend by studying for a Degree or Masters through the University of KidZania.

Wrap Factory

Visit the Mission Deli Wrap Factory to learn how we make our delicious super soft wraps. From mixing the ingredients and kneading the dough to pressing the wraps, you’ll get a chance to create your very own pack of wraps to take home and share with the family!

What is there do at KidZania for Early Years?

KidZania is a real life role play experience for 4-14 year olds, by blending learning and reality with entertainment.

For younger siblings visiting KidZania we have a dedicated Early Years area which includes three main activities.  

Activities that are recommended for under 4s include:

Science Lab

Young ones can participate as a Lab Technician and assist with experiments as you watch through the windows from outside.

Combining different chemicals to make different bubbly, fun and fizzy products whilst learning the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.

RightZKeeper’s Residence

Jumping on inflatable furniture, puppet shows and storytelling are just a few of the activities they can enjoy. 

You can accompany your children through all of the Residence’s activities.

We’ve partnered with Mothercare and Early Learning Centre to utilise their industry experience and provide leading activities for your child’s development.


Messy play, amazing animal puzzles and fantastic toys provided a stimulating environment for toddlers to explore.

We’ve teamed up with the Early Learning Centre to help create an area for children to experience imaginative and creative play and make learning fun.

N.B. Early Years are also welcome to join their parents in the main KidZania City as passengers on the plane, riding the tour bus, spectating from the stadium and watching a play in the Theatre.

What is there to do at KidZania for parents?

At KidZania it's all about the Kids….We encourage children to make their own decisions, exploring the City and trying a range of role-play activities.

A parent or guardian can watch their child participate the activities through viewing windows and can be a passenger on the plane, ride the Golden Tour Bus, spectate at the stadium or be part of the audience at the theatre…

Please note: The duration of each activity is noted on the information board. Children cannot join activities mid-way and will need to wait for the next session to begin. Parents are not allowed to queue on behalf of the child.

The Lounge

In our dedicated parents room you can unwind whilst your children play in the city.

If your children are confident exploring on their own why not take the chance to enjoy some quality R&R in our comfortable parents room.

You’ll feel right at home with relaxing lounge chairs, a range of food and beverage options to purchase and free wifi to catch up on the latest news and entertainment.

Explore Westfield London

Need a spot of Retail Therapy? Grocery shop needs to be done?

If your child is 8 and above, and confident to explore KidZania on their own, once you check them in you can explore Westfield London at your leisure.

You can feel confident in leaving your child in the care of our highly qualified employees with security measures in place including controlled access and electronic identification bracelets to keep our visitors safe.

We require you to return at least 20 minutes before the end of your child’s 4 hour session, ready to help them check-out through Immigration. Find our more on safety at KidZania.

KidZania is committed to meeting the requirements of the Equality Act 2010, and they make every effort to ensure the experience is completely accessible to visitors with special needs; including those with visual, hearing, cognitive and motor impairment.

KidZania is entirely accessible to wheelchair users, with lifts and escalators available to enter the facility. Once in the city; lifts are located near Immigration and The Hospital establishment. Due the nature of some activities, visitors will need to be ambulant or carers must be able to provide extra assistance in some establishments.

Wheelchairs can be hired from KidZania, on a first come, first serve basis. For further details on loaning a wheelchair on the day of your visit, please contact:

If a visitor requires full-time care or assistance; a complimentary ticket will be available for their helper/carer. This can be collected on the day of a visit to KidZania at the main kiosk desk. Please note that documentation may be requested upon collection of a complimentary ticket.

Moreover KidZania offers an Induction Loop System, establishments and activities with a "Help Hearing Guide", British Sign Language Tours, Touch and Sensory Tours, First Aid and accessible accommodations such as restrooms. Service animals are welcome but are not permitted in selected establishments due to health and safety reasons.

To make an enquiry or to book one of the mentioned tours, please contact 

Ticket Information

Availability: The attraction is open daily excluding specific days on which private events are held and on 24-26 December annually.

Opening Times: During School Term the attraction is open from 10am-4pm (Mon – Fri) and 10am-7pm (Sat– Sun). During School Holidays the attraction is open 10am-7pm (Mon – Sun). Last admission time will be 4 hours before closing.

Arrival Information: Please present your PRINTED VOUCHER at the Main Kiosk desk at KidZania (located on the 1st floor in front of the KidZania entrance).

Duration: Customers are permitted for entry up to 4 HRS.

Address: KidZania London, Westfield London, Ariel Way, London, W12 7SL.

Directions: Tube: Central Line: Shepherd's Bush and White City. Hammersmith and City Line: Wood Lane and Shepherd's Bush Market. KidZania London is just a short walk away from all tube stations.

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